Edibles are a fun, and unique way to consuming marijuana.  Infused marijuana products come in a variety of forms, some are commonly known such as cookies, candy, chocolates, but there are other cannabis infused options such as hot tea, energy drinks, transdermal patches, mints and many more. Alpenglow Premium Cannabis does not currently produce our own edibles yet but carry a variety of options which can be found at both locations.  Check out some of what we carry below.


Handle with CAUTION!

Edibles can be a fun alternative to smoking but it is also important to be responsible with the use and storage of edible and cannabis infused products.  Many edibles often resemble very tasty treats, not only for children, but for anyone with a sweet tooth or empty stomach.  It is therefore important that infused marijuana products remain in their packaging, which is child resistant, and well labeled, and then stored away until the entire package is gone, so that children, nor anyone else consume them unknowingly. 

Serving Size

Every marijuana edible is made to be simply divided into individual serving sizes.  One serving is 10mg, and this can mean one piece of candy, or one small cookie, or a capful of juice.  Each cannabis infused product is different and it is important to read the directions and warnings on every package in order to not consume too much.  Only one serving of cannabis infused product should be consumed at a time and there should be a waiting period of 2 hours before choosing to consume more.

I don’t feel anything

Edible cannabis and marijuana infused products behave very differently than smoking marijuana bud.  Edible marijuana takes longer to metabolize in the body and therefore the effects can be delayed up to 2 hours or more, and can last longer as well.  Please wait at least 2 hours before deciding to consume another serving.  Cannabis infused products sold by dispensaries are often much stronger than “homemade” edibles, so you should not use previous experiences as indicators for what you can handle. 

Highly Edible products are infused with THC and are vegan and organic.  With options like Watermelon Rings, Organic Fruity Bears, Organic Fruity Hearts, and Peach Rings to choose from, they are all as juicy as they look!

Love’s Oven is a home style, small batch cannabis bakery.  Our products are baked with high quality, all natural ingredients,  sourced locally and organically whenever possible.  Gluten-Free options available.

Cannabis infused juice beverages that pack a punch!  Comes in a variety of tropical flavors to choose from.

Canyon Cultivation makes a wide variety of cannabis infused edibles.  From hard candies known as Suck ITs to Oral Sprays known as Dose ITs, and the more traditional candy Suckers, and they all come in a variety of flavors!

Chocolate is one of the most enjoyable type of edible.  Blue Kudu offers a variety of fun and delicious flavors to choose from including their Original which has a hint of orange, Mint Chocolate, Spicy Chili, Cherry Almond, and Coffee Crunch.

Best known for the development of the transdermal cannabis patches, Mary’s Medicinals develop products that maximize the benefits of cannabinoids, terpenes, and other plant nutrients.  These products are applied directly to the skin and while THC is one option, many cannabinoids are represented through these products.

These high quality chocolate bars come in many fun flavors.  Using high quality chocolate each flavor has its own unique characteristics…the blueberries n cream has pop rocks, the dark chocolate with almonds contains house made candied almonds, and the peaches n cream contains freeze dried peaches and French white chocolate.