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Save 5% on every purchase!

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Terms & Conditions

Alpenglow Rewards Card

The use of the Alpenglow Rewards Card in no way exempts the customer from following all local and state regulations when purchasing marijuana including but not limited to presenting a valid form of identification to verify age for each purchase.

Alpenglow Rewards Terms & Conditions

The Alpenglow Rewards program is a loyalty program offered by Alpenglow Botanicals LLC. to its customers.

By participating in Alpenglow Rewards, the Member agrees to the Terms and Conditions, rules, regulations, policies, and procedures of the program available at  Each Member is responsible for remaining knowledgeable about the program terms and conditions.  Alpenglow reserves the right to disqualify or remove a member at any time, as well as change the terms and conditions and/or program policy, conditions, or terminate the program at any time without prior written notice.  Communications about the Alpenglow Rewards program will be posted on

Alpenglow Rewards is open to adults 21 years old or older.  In order to participate in the program prospective member must submit a valid form of identification with proof of age and an email address.  Program membership is only available to individuals.  Program membership is not available to corporations, business, charities, partnerships, enterprises, or any other entity without prior written approval from Alpenglow Botanicals LLC at its sole discretion.  Membership and/or presentation of Alpenglow Rewards card does NOT exempt members from presenting valid age verification for each purchase made, nor does it exempt the member/customer from any local or state regulation.  Membership is required at time of purchase to receive any promotional pricing; price adjustments are only available during that promotional pricing period.

Membership in the program is free and requires no initial purchase.  Alpenglow reserves the right to refuse the issuance of an Alpenglow Rewards Card to any customer who does not follow the enrollment procedures.  Member should notify the program of any changes to personal information such as name, email addresses, or phone numbers, either in store through one of the store associates or manager, or by visiting

Alpenglow Botanicals LLC. reserves the right to cancel any card/membership for which it has incomplete, inaccurate, false or fictitious information, or any card that has not been used for 6 months or longer.  In the event that Alpenglow Botanicals LLC. terminates your card/membership or terminates the program entirely, all points and rewards earned will be forfeited and invalid.

Any fraudulent or unauthorized use of the card is strictly prohibited, and may result in termination of the member’s account and card.  Alpenglow Rewards card is NOT a credit card.  Any unauthorized reproduction of the Alpenglow Rewards Card may lead to legal prosecution and forfeiture of membership and all rewards earned.