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Alpenglow Premium Cannabis

-the stores

This is the retail section of our company.  There are currently two store locations Breckenridge, Colorado, and Dillon, Colorado offering great products and exceptional customer service.  In these positions while you do not get direct contact to growing plants, you are our direct connection to our customers.  Positions will require friendly, organized, and motivated individuals who like to interact with people, learn about new products, and adapt to changes.  See the locations below for available opportunities!


Breckenridge, CO.

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Dillon, CO.

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Alpenglow Botanicals LLC.

-the garden

The garden and production division of the company is located in Breckenridge, Colorado.  We believe in growing a local product and believe the location only enhances the quality of the product.  Alpenglow Botanicals has a Garden Department; the staff who grow, maintain, and focus on producing plants, and there is also a Processing Department; this staff hand trims, packages, and prepares the product for sale.  For these departments we look for hard working, self-motivated, focused employees, this division requires manual labor and focused energy.  Below you will find if there are currently any positions we are seeking!


Processing Dept.

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Part Time Trimming & Packaging

Garden Dept.

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Breckenridge Concentrate Co.

-the lab

This is the newest division of the company and is dedicated to making high quality, high potency marijuana concentrates.  The lab currently produces all concentrates from our own garden in Breckenridge, but future plans for the lab looks to expand to wholesale and processing of outside material.  Openings and positions will be listed below.


Positions Available...

Support / Key Badge Application

It is required that in order to be able to work for any state certified marijuana license you must apply for and obtain a MED Support or Key Badge.  In order to complete this process you will need to fill out the badge application and take the application to one of the Occupational Licensing offices and complete the badge process in person.  If approved for the badge you should receive it in the mail in 7-10 business days.  Once you have the physical badge you can begin working for a marijuana license.  Click on the links below to download the badge application and find the nearest MED badge processing office.

Support / Key Badge Application

Occupational Licensing Office Locations & Hours